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Updated on: 6/17/2024

FN – Foster Needed – We Are looking for a foster or foster-to-adopt* home so that we can bring this Dane into rescue.
(*Foster-to-adopt is a home that fosters the Dane initially but would like to ultimately adopt the Dane after evaluation)
WT – Awaiting transport.  Foster family located and coming into rescue.  Transportation in progress.
UE – Under Evaluation – The  Dane has just come in to rescue and we are getting a feel for the accuracy of our incoming information as well as the foster family is noting any medical concerns that we need to address with our vets prior to adoption. They remain in this state until we have the RAP (Rescue About Profile) for them. The RAP contains our evaluation of the Dane and includes the information provided to us by the previous family or shelter.  Approved families can be added to their waiting list for adoption.
BH – Behavior Hold – Dane is in need of a behavioral evaluation.  Will not be available for adoption until evaluation complete.
MH – Medical Hold – Dane is in need of medical care, or recovering from surgery or other medical issues.
A – Available – We have the RAP for the dog and the Dane is available for adoption.  The Dane does not have an approved family on their waiting list.  The Dane is in need of a forever home.
AWL – Available – Waiting List –  We have the RAP for the dog and they are available for adoption.  We have a waiting list of families wanting to adopt this Dane.
PA – Pending Adoption – There is a family adopting the Dane.  We may still need to get them a follow-up vet visit and/or are waiting on the adoption paperwork back from the family.
We encourage all families to complete the foster / adoption application process regardless if they see a Dane of interest on this page.  The application is not dog specific.  Approved homes can reach out at any time if a Dane may be a fit for the home.



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