Meet Bubas

Status: Available

Sex: NM   Age:  1 year    Ears: Natural

Color: Black  Weight: 72 lbs

Special needs: Giant Breed Experience Required


Hi – they call me Bubas.  I spent 4 months in a shelter.  They named me Bubas.

You see, I was found wandering the streets, so I have a very mysterious background – my little secret.  But I can tell you this:  I am scared of a lot of things, especially men and strangers.  Strange Men are the Worst.    Once I meet someone and know they will be calm and I am safe around them, then my goofy side comes out and I am super affectionate.  But don’t you worry, day by day I am learning to be more comfortable and trusting!

I enjoy playing with other dogs and my toys.  I’m good with middle aged to older kids, but the little ones have as much energy as I do and they make me a bit nervous.  Besides, I’m big enough to knock them down when I’m just trying to play with them.

I’ve just landed at my new Foster Mom’s house and she is going slow with me – I’ve learned to stand by the door when I need to go out.  Right now, I run and hide when the leash comes out, but soon I will learn what a wonderful experience I can have walking on leash.

Here is my idea of the perfect home:  Great Dane Experience, quiet household, my people to be home more than not, lots of patience and love, another big dog to pal around with and whom I can learn from,  interest in helping me to learn how to bring out the Awesomeness that is inside of me, and some more love.  I really love my crate, it is my safe space – do you have space for a crate??  Please fill out an application and ask for me.

I am being fostered in Colorado.