Waunita has a home!

Oh, Happy Day!  I’m moving in with an amazing family that adopted from RMGDRI before – and one of my new mom’s is a vet, so I will all the best and personalized care possible.  I have a sweet Dane sister and a kitty to cuddle with too.  They call me...

Dakota has a home!

BREAKING NEWS:  Dakota Is Headed To His New Home – that is my headline!  I met this really nice lady who decided I am just what she needs in her life.  I get to live with her and her adult son, and you better believe there is going to be tons and tons of love...

Kane has a home!

Hey!  Kane here.  I found an amazing family I’ve been living with as a Foster and I decided to keep them.  I am considered a Foster Winner.  I’m the only fur kid in the house and I have two teenagers to play with.  Success!!!

Salida has a home!

Oh, just look at Little Cute Me!  I found a home with a Mastiff and a Kelpie I can play with.  I know they will teach me good manners and it is already fun living with them.  The dogs, Max and Lili Grace, decided to rename me “Pepper”.

Bohdi has a home!

Well what about that!  I was described as the Perfect Foster Dog and now I am going to a Perfect Forever Home.  I am so excited, I can’t wait to meet my new family.  I will get to live with two other dogs, a cat, and two wonderful kiddos!  This is gonna be good,...

Willow has a home!

I am so very excited I have found my forever family!  My new mom grew up with Danes and has been looking for me to be her next special someone.  I will get to live with a Golden Retriever Service Dog – I bet he will teach me a lot.

Willie has a home!

Oh, Hey.  I’m tryin to be all laid back and all when I tell you I’m going to live with a really laid back 3 yoa female dog who can teach me a thing or two as I grow up!  And I will get a human brother and sister in the deal, and some parents with Great...

Romeo has a home!

Wherefore art thou, Romeo?  Here!  I’m headed to my new home in Nebraska where I get to live with this cool family with 3 other dogs.  Their dogs are in learning mode, too, so I will fit right in and learn how to be the best dog ever with them!