Duke crossed the rainbow bridge today.

With the love of his foster family and all the vets that fell in love with him, Duke was able to live 2 months longer than anyone expected.  He rallied for the 3 months he was in their care, but the past few days, he was again having a hard time getting up and walking and the medications were no longer keeping up with his pain levels. With nothing more we could do to keep him comfortable, it was time to say goodbye to this sweet boy.

Thank you so much to his foster family Anne, Adam, Jack, Lucy, Luke & Great Dane Captain who took him in knowing very well that he would only be with them for a short time.  With their care and massive amounts of love, he spent his final days in a loving family that every Dane dreams of.  Rest in peace sweet boy, you will never be forgotten.

Thank you to everyone who donated to his care, and to Lap of Love and Dr. Mary who were able to make his transition peaceful and in the place he loved so much.