Please help us care for Beau

Meet Beau

Status: Permanent Foster

Sex: M     Age:  3½ yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: White

Special Needs: Deaf and Blind





12-23-2018 – Hey there, I’m Beau! I’m a sweet guy who has lost my ability to see. My awesome foster dad will be caring for me for the rest of my life.  I have become very comfortable with my home and doggie siblings.  They look out for me, now that I can’t see any longer. I really freak out when I’m away from them.  I can’t hear either, so it’s hard for me to understand why all of a sudden, I can’s see anymore. 

I hope you can find it in your heart to sponsor me so that I can stay where I am and be safe and comfortable for the rest of my life.  

11-17-2020 – Hi all, I thought you might like an update on our permanent foster, Beau.

Overall, Beau is doing fantastic. He has adapted to the loss of his sight well. We have scent marked the doors and put a special rug on the deck to lead him to the stairs, but otherwise, he gets around pretty well with minimal intervention. He has trouble if we move anything around, but my kids are pretty good about putting the big stuff away like stools and such.

Truly, he has become so adept at navigating his world that it is hard to tell he has lost his sight in addition to being deaf. (Well, until he runs into something, but he and I have that in common, I suppose…) it is really only when we get into the community that we see signs of his impairments. He high steps more, is notably using his nose to smell more and trips more. But really he has developed a deeper sense of trust in us and definitely my boys, so he knows we won’t leave him or take him into danger.

We try to take him into the community when we can but he gets excited by the smells of all the people and things, so we are still easing him into these trips. He is sort of famous at Lowes in town though.

He is IN LOVE with my sons. They play tag with him in the yard. It is pretty hilarious to watch 2 teen boys rough house with a blind/deaf dog. It really is more like hide and seek, viking style. His nose is really great at helping him find the boys in the yard. It is really hard to tell that he is blind when you watch them play, but on a windy day when he can’t pinpoint their scent, it is really clear. They get rowdy and he loves it. Mostly, he follows my boys everywhere. They are quite a trio. I’ll have to grab some video to post for you to see.

He is a happy, goofy clown. We call him the overgrown cat because he rubs on us like a cat. I tell the kids that he is tactile because he can’t hear or see them. They complain about his hair on their close, but they truly do love it.

We love the goofy dude.

I am hanging out in Idaho.