Consider Sponsoring.  Be an Angel.

We firmly believe that we should do all that we can for every Dane that comes into our care. This is why we need your support. When a Dane is brought into our foster program they are treated as if they are one of our own. They are given any and all medical attention they need, along with regular vaccinations and their neuter/spay surgery, if necessary.

To spay or neuter, along with vaccinations, can cost more than $400 per dog. These are costs that we can predict, but it is a sad fact of rescue that some Danes come in with severe medical issues, which can cost the Rescue thousands of dollars at a time.  However, without medical help, many of them will not be likely candidates for adoption.

Through your sponsorship, whether you choose to donate one time or to become one of our Dane Heroes by donating on an ongoing basis, you will help ensure that we will continue to have the resources to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome these wonderful, gentle creatures.

Will You Be an Angel Today?

Often we have Danes that come into Rescue that require advanced medical care  and or support.  Many of these Danes will recover and find their forever homes.  Others will live out their years as a Permanent Foster at RMGDRI.  Meet a few of our Special Needs and Permanent Fosters.  Please consider Sponsoring a Dane today.

Special Needs Foster Journey

Permanent Foster Beau

Permanent Foster Belle

It is our ultimate goal to place every Dane that comes into rescue in a forever home. However, every so often we are faced with the reality that some Danes are terminally ill or too sick or injured to be placed with a new family.

In these instances The Board of Directors, on the advice of our wonderful vets, decide the best way to provide quality of life, for how ever long the Dane may have. This means that the Dane will remain in one of our Foster homes.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Foster Families that open their homes, and more importantly, their hearts to these animals for the remainder of their lives. They generously give of their love, all the while knowing that no one knows what tomorrow holds.

RMGDRI continues to provide our Permanent Residents with the necessary vet care and medication until quality of life is no more. Through your donations, we will be able to continue to support these wonderful Danes and ensure that they are happy and loved until it is time for them to cross the rainbow bridge.

In addition to the medical costs normally incurred, our special needs Danes have medical conditions that cost large amounts of money to treat. Without these treatments, many of these Danes would suffer and some would have to be euthanized. After consultations with our exceptional vets, we have determined that these Danes can be treated so that they have the chance to live a happy life.