Zeus has a home with his new family, Debbie & Duane, in Florissant, CO! Debbie and Duane have fostered for us in the past, and became Foster Failures about 5 years ago with Gloria, now Gigi, who is 7 years old. They have since rescued another Dane, Maggie, who is 2, and were looking for a third Dane to join their family when they saw ZeusZeus will enjoy hours of play time in his new huge back yard, and will go on many outings with Debbie and Duane. He will also have fun playing with Debbie & Duane’s 3 grandchildren when they come to visit, and with his new families flexible work hours, he will not have to be away from his people for too long! We are so excited for Zeus and his new family! Way to go sweet boy!