Meet Whiskey

Status: Available

Sex: M     Age:  5 months     Ears: Natural

Color: Black

Special Needs: Giant Breed Experience Required, Megaesophagus


Hi! I’m Whiskey. I’m a 5 month old black male Dane with natural ears and an adorable white chest. I’m a sweet guy who unfortunately needs a little help with my heart, but only in a physical way ~ I’m the biggest lover you will ever find! I’m good with other dogs and cats too and have lived with both. I haven’t spent any time around kids, but with some time, I’m sure I would love them too. I’m still a puppy in every sense, so I need some help with potty training and commands.

I guess that mostly covers the big boxes, but if you’re looking for a super sweet boy with lots of love to give, I’m your guy!

I was born with “Right Aortic Arch” and I will need the vessel removed that is wrapped around my esophagus and is making it difficult for me to eat.

12/1/2018  – Whiskey has been diagnosed with Megaesophagus. Surgery is not indicated at this time and he will need to eat and drink in a Bailey-like chair for the remainder of his life to help facilitate the movement of food to the stomach. In addition to eating/drinking in a Bailey chair, Whiskey will require all food to be pureed and softened down into a gruel. His episodes of regurgitation and vomiting need to be held to a very minimum (none would be ideal). A record should be kept to monitor when these episodes occur. Aspirated Pneumonia is a serious known risk for dogs with Megaesophagus.

He is looking for a home who can give him the care he needs for the rest of his life.

You can find out more about this condition at these links.

I’m being fostered in Utah.

1/27/2019  – Whiskey is a growing pup and is in need of a new, bigger Bailey chair to have his meals in. A Bailey chair costs around $400, so we are looking for donations to help get him a new one.

Please help us fund his care!  Even a small amount can be huge on getting her the care he needs.

Help us help Whiskey!