Whiskey has home with his family in Utah! Whiskey has had an amazing journey! He was diagnosed with Mega Esophagus shortly after coming into the Rescue. He needed to eat sitting upright, so his first foster family made him a special Bailey chair. When he outgrew that one, we had another one made for him which he can still use today. He has had pneumonia a few times, which is a risk with Mega E, but with the love and support of his Veterinary Team, and his foster families, he made full recoveries each time!   Jamie, Preston, and Joel were his most recent foster family, and now his forever family!  He will share his home with his fur sister, Sasha a beautiful Pit Bull. We wish to thank all of our supporters who donated to Whiskey’s Medical Fund! We couldn’t have helped him without all of you, and are so happy for him to have found a wonderful forever home!