Meet Waldo

Status: Available

Sex: M     Age: 10.5  yrs     Ears: Natural

Color: Merlequin     Weight: 110  Updated: 5/4/21

Special Needs:  Needs to be an only dog


If you are looking for Waldo, I’m Here!  I am looking for a home to enjoy my senior years.  Foster Mom fell in love with me the minute I snuck up onto the couch to nap with her and laid my head on her shoulder. 

I really like walks where I can meet new people, but I don’t really want to meet new dogs.  I am friendly to visitors to Foster Mom’s house, as long as they give me my space and let me approach them when I’m ready.  And then I’m really a sweetheart!

I need a home where I don’t have to go up and down stairs – I can take 2 or 3, but not a whole flight.  I enjoy sleeping with someone.  I am looking for a place for my twilight years that is peaceful and full of love.  Small and young children may be really cool for some folks, but not for me.  Play time with you, belly rubs and cuddles, that’s what I’m all about!  Are you looking for someone like me who just wants to love and be loved?  Us older guys have plenty of love left to give.  Come on, fill out an application!

I’m being fostered in Colorado.