Meet Sully

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: M    Age:   4 yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Blue



Hello, I’m Sully, and I’m one heck of a guy. I’m crate trained, trustworthy with free roam, know all of my basic commands and love going for walks with my slip leash. I don’t bark at other dogs unless they bark at me. In fact, I love all other animals and have lived happily with another Dane and a four-pound dog, guinea pigs, birds and a rabbit. There’s no reason we can’t all get along.

Kids are fun, too. I’ve lived with a 10, 15 and 18 year old, and I especially love younger children and babies. They are so fun to kiss! I have to make sure my kisses aren’t too wet, however. That’s just all part of my charm.

I don’t have any particular fears, but I can get nervous in new situations or around new people. My shyness wears off quickly, though, and as long as you’re nice to me and make me feel safe and secure, I will love you right back.

It’s been said that I am an amazing dog (not to brag) who is built for comfort, not speed. I think that’s the only way to really enjoy life! What else is the couch for except to bake a big, loving potato like me?

Sully is being fostered in Colorado.