Meet Stetson

Status: Available

Sex: M    Age:  1.5 yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Black    

Meet Stetson!

“Dear Great Dane lovers,

My name is Stetson and I was told I am a gladiator Dane – half Great Dane / half mastiff.  I don’t exactly know how true this is but I definitely have some Great Dane traits to me, besides my obvious good looks.

I am a people pleaser and love being around humans.  I was sadly spending all my time in a backyard and a kind human came along and said she would find me a new home.  I have now landed in a RMGDRI Foster Home and live with two other Great Danes.  So check back in for more info soon.

Prior to coming to my new foster home, I spent time with 5 other dogs, big and small and really enjoyed the company.  Being a youngin’ I love to be with other dogs that like to play and pal around.

More about Stetson:

  • Intact Male (Will be neutered by RMGDRI)

  • Not fully housebroken yet.

  • We recommend crate training.

  • Good with big and small dogs, male and female

  • Cats unknown

  • Children unknown (prior home had children but interaction not known)

  • Good with all people he meets

  • Affectionate, Playful, loving

  • Needs work on leash skills; basic training

If you would like to foster-to-adopt or adopt Stetson, submit your adoption application today! Reach Karen at or Candice at if you are already an approved foster / adopt family and would like to add Stetson to your family.

Stetson is being fostered in Utah