Meet Samson

Status: Available 

Sex: M    Age: 2 yrs     Ears: Natural

Color: Brindlequin  Weight: 125 lbs

Special Needs: Needs to be the only dog



Hello, there. My name is Samson, and I’m the most loyal and loving boy to my people! I’m a self-described goof, who loves nothing more to be in your lap. In the event your lap is occupied, I’ll happily settle for being right next to you!

I have a lot of puppy energy and love to have a good time – running, playing, taking walks and hanging out with my Foster.   I prefer slow introductions to people just to be sure we’re totally copacetic, but once I know you’re a friend I warm up quickly. Random fact: I’m a bit of a Houdini – I can open sliding doors and doors with latch handles. I’m told that’s not typical, but I find it endearing.  And maybe a gate or two.  Mainly it’s because I want to follow you everywhere you go.

I tend to be a bit leery of men and little people are kind of scary to me, so I would be happiest in a home where I can be your littlest person.  Let me know if you think I could be your next great one-and-only lap dog!

I am being fostered in Colorado.