Meet Samson

Status: Available 

Sex: M    Age: 2 yrs     Ears: Natural

Color: Brindlequin    Weight: 125 lbs   Updated: 2.3.2021

Special Needs: Needs to be the only dog


Hi Potential Adopters!  Listen up:  I am Samson, and I have been waiting for YOU.  Just YOU, not YOU and another dog.  My name says I’m big and strong, but on the inside, I’m pretty shy.  I kind of hide when new people come around, so I prefer slow introductions to people.  Give me a chance to know new folks are okay and then I warm up quickly.  I’m fine walking on leash with other dogs around, but not real excited about living with another dog.  Yeh, uh, No.

I have a lot of puppy energy and love to have a good time – running, playing, taking walks and hanging out with my Foster Dad.  Random fact: I’m a bit of a Houdini – I can open sliding doors and doors with latch handles. I’m told that’s not typical, but I find it endearing.  And maybe a gate or two.  Mainly it’s because I want to follow you everywhere you go.  If you know what a velcro dog or a shadow dog is, you know me.

I love my crate and will spend time in there even when you are home.  I love chasing wildlife and won’t really listen to you until I’m done.  So maybe leash walks are best for me.  That said, I’m Very Intelligent and know lots of commands. 

Little people are kind of scary to me, so I would be happiest in a home where I can be your littlest person, ahem. Did I mention I’m loving?  I really hate to be left alone, so a family with someone at home lots would work best for me.   Let me know if you think I could be your next great one-and-only lap dog!

I am being fostered in Colorado.