Meet Rocky

Status: Medical Hold

Sex: M     Age: 6 yrs  Ears: Natural

Color: Black    


Rocky, here.  Anyone want to hear a bit about me?  I settled into my Foster Home really fast and have attached myself to them – I just love leaning into them looking for pets and scratches.  I will actually leave my food bowl, mid-meal, if my people get too far away from me.

I’m pretty relaxed with the neighbors’ dogs and don’t really react to them, even if they are a bit reactive to me.  Foster Mom says I am a DREAM to walk – I stay close by her side.  I’m also friendly to visitors.

I love Rocky’s Snowy Snacks when the weather cooperates.  I’m not wild about being out in the cold, but those snackies are worth it.  I’m house trained, but if it’s cold out, you may need to go out with me to make sure I complete the task.

I walk right in to the shower or tub when I need a bath.  I’m pretty relaxed on car rides.  I can do stairs, but I’m a bit cautious on them and I have this great little hop when I get to the bottom.

People, the bottom line is this.  People.  I want to be with Peeps.  I’m looking for someone who is home a lot and will love having me everywhere they are.  I have sooooo much love inside I need to share with My Peeps!

How about you fill out an application and ask for me, Rocky!

I am being fostered in Colorado.