Reese has a home with his Foster Mom in Dubois, WY! Hélène is no stranger to Great Danes. She has had two wonderful Danes, most recently losing her 8 year old Dane a couple of months ago. Reese needed a foster home without other dogs, and Hélène had the perfect place for him! She stepped up to foster without hesitation! Reese will enjoy living in beautiful Wyoming, and has lots of open land to roam and play on. Reese is just 13 months old, and Hélène is aware that training is helpful with young Danes, and has already scheduled him in training classes. With Hélène being retired, she and Reese will spend all of their time together running errands, playing in her huge yard, and just snuggling on the couch, which he really seems to enjoy! Hélène has affectionately changed his name to Léon . We couldn’t be happier for this little family! Way to go sweet boy!