Olive has a home¬†with her new family Michelle, Sean & their two daughters, Taryn & Hayden in Utah! Olive came into Rescue with a broken rear leg that didn’t heal properly and she was not able to use it. Michelle and her family took Olive in as a foster not knowing the extent of her medical needs, and gave her the support and care that she required. After settling in and having a few vet appointments, her Veterinary Team decided that the next step would be to amputate Olive’s leg. Michelle and her family took great care of Olive after the amputation, and Olive has just flourished! She enjoys playing in the yard with her human siblings, and is growing by leaps and bounds! Olive will share her home with a cat named Jack, and will enjoy all kinds of fun activities and outings with her family! We are so happy she is doing so well, and that she found such a great home! Way to go sweet Olive!