Marmalade has a home with her new family, Ann & Kevin, in Peyton, CO! Marmalade is the 2nd Dane Ann & Kevin have adopted from us.  After losing their sweet Nukes a while back, they fostered a dog for a family who was deployed for a few years, and knew it was time to bring another Dane into their home.. They saw Marmalade on the website, and filled out their application specifically with her in mind. Ann & Kevin live on 10 acres and have two horses, Chase & Naomi. Marmalade will accompany her new family on daily walks to feed the horses, and does not seem disappointed about not being the biggest dog in the family. lol Ann & Kevin like to go camping and being outside, as well as snuggling on the couch and plan to include Marmalade in everything they do. At 6 years old, Marmalade needed a home where she could be the only dog, and enjoy a quiet life full of love, and she has certainly found that with Ann & Kevin. We are so happy for Marmy, and her new family! Way to go sweet girl!