Meet Maggie

Status: Under Evaluation

Sex: F     Age: 6 mos  Ears: Natural

Color: Blue  


Dear Great Dane Families,

My name is Maggie and I was told if I wrote you a letter, I might just find a forever family! So here goes nothing (Thank goodness for spellcheck)!

This past week was the toughest week ever.  The day after this crazy holiday called “July 4th” filled with all sorts of terrifying loud bangs and whistles, the only family I had ever known dropped me off at a shelter. 

I was absolutely petrified.  What had I done wrong to be left in a strange place, full of strong smells and nonstop barking?  I hid in the back of my kennel shaking.  I barked and growled as any human approached.  I think I was misunderstood – see, I’m not an aggressive girl – I’m just a young pup and couldn’t understand what had happened to me!  I nice volunteer lady convinced me to leave the kennel with her.  I felt safe with her but no one else could get near me.  The shelter wanted to help me so they called Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue. 

People from this rescue showed up three days in a row, trying to convince me I was going to be OK.  I was still terrified.  I tried to escape the shelter yard, I growled at them out of fear.  But these Dane people didn’t give up on me.  They saw through my fear and knew deep down I was a really good girl.

Then you’re not going to believe my luck:  a potential “foster family” showed up and brought  their 5 year old husky/shepherd dog named Kenny to meet me.  And they smelled good, too!  Kenny let me know he, too, once was a scared shelter pup like me and to give his humans a chance. 

I knew it was now or never.  This was my one shot.  So my big brave self, came out of my shell, and started zooming around the shelter yard with Kenny, dazzling everyone with my sweet, sweet turns and playful moves.  All the humans cheered me on as Kenny and I zoomed together in play. 

Well, apparently my charm worked.  This foster family asked if I wanted to go home with them right then and there!  Oh boy, did I ever and jumped right in their car all by myself.  I gave 10 big licks to my new foster dad letting him know I was ready to go home with them.

I arrived at my foster home and there’s so much to explore and learn. They have a big fenced yard and lot’s of soft beds to lie on.  I think I’m going to like it here! Stay tuned as I settle in and update you on adventures with my new foster brother Kenny!  I hope a family will give me a chance and let me be with them forever.  

More about Maggie:

  • Intact female (will be spayed)

  • Housebroken (occasional accidents)

  • Crate Trained

  • Prone to separation anxiety

  • Exhibits nervousness – does best with an established routine

  • Good with dogs* *History of resource guarding toys; fight with small dog resulting in minor injury.

  • Good with children

  • Cats unknown

  • High energy – loves to play

  • Has learned basic commands

  • Needs continued “Puppy 101” training; leash walking skills; confidence building

  • Giant Breed Experience required (Under 1 years)

If you would like to adopt Maggie, submit your application today! Already an approved foster / adopter family?  Reach out to  Karen at or Candice at and let them know you would like to be added to Maggie’s adoption wait list.