Logan has a home with his foster family in Columbia Falls, MT. Sherie and Marv are no strangers to the Great Dane breed. They had fostered a Dane in the past, and trained him to be an amazing service dog for a friend who needed the love that only a Dane can give. They are also no strangers to rescuing dogs, and prior to Logan, had rescued 4 other dogs that also needed a loving home. Both of them missed having a Dane in the house, and decided to try their hand at fostering with RMGDRI. Sherie and Marv did not hesitate when they heard that Logan needed a foster home. They drove over 19 hours to bring him to their home they call The Waggin’ Tails Ranch. He bonded so well with their dogs, and became a full-fledged member of the family, they just knew he had found his forever home! Logan will share his home with two Shepherds; Montana, age 2, and Saxson who is 10, and two Malamutes; Appie, who is 6, and Glacier, age 2, who has become Logan’s best friend. Logan and Glacier can be found playing together, and keeping watch over the property on their sofa by the window. Logan will also have 2 human siblings; Patty, and her husband Steven, who also live with Sherie and Marv. There is plenty of love to go around, and someone is always at home, so Logan gets constant love and attention whenever he wants it. Logan also enjoys morning hikes with Marv, wrestling with Steven, snuggles with Patty, and has become Sherie’s shadow. We couldn’t be happier for Logan and his new family! Way to go sweet boy!