Lachlan has a home with her new family, Marika and Clark in Portland, OR! This will be Marika and Clark’s third time adopting with RMGDRI! Before moving to OR, they were fostering for us in Boise, and lovingly became foster failures! They currently have Nicks, whom they adopted  in 2009, and two Sphynx cats Johnnie, who is 10, and a one year old named Bobbie. All the pets adore each other, and with Lachlan’s sweet puppy nature, she will fit right in with the pack! Marika and Clark do everything with their dogs, and with alternating work schedules, can be home with them more so than not. Lachlan will enjoy playing in her new beautiful back yard, snuggling on the couch with Nicks, and lots of love and attention from her new family! Marika and Clark have affectionately changed her name to Harper. Way to go sweet puppy! Enjoy your new life!