Meet Kane

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: M    Age: 1 yr    Ears: Natural

Color: Black   Weight: 155 lbs



Hellooooooo Rescue Families!  My name is Kane and I am looking for my forever home.  I am known officially as a BGL.  That is Dane speak for Big Goofy Lovebug.  I like to be wherever the action is and I follow my Foster Family everywhere.

I have not had a ton of interaction with other dogs and cats, but I’m pretty curious about them when I get a chance encounter.  For example, I was on the elevator with Foster Dad when someone with a Chihuahua got on the elevator without really seeing us.  The Chihuahua went ballistic, and I just stood there wagging my tail and sniffing the air.  I haven’t gotten close to a cat yet, but when I see one on our walks, I just look at it and wag my tail.

Yeh, my tail wags a lot.  I have to be careful not to bang it on things too much or it hurts and I want to chew on it.  I think they named the condition Happy Tail after me.

I use a Gentle Leader on my walks and I am great at meeting new people.  I let them pet me and I’m very friendly.  I enjoy my toys and sometimes I play with my toy while standing on my head.  You would have to adopt me to witness this, no photos allowed.  I let my Foster Family clean my feet with a towel after walks, and they also wipe my mouth after water and meals, and I really enjoy when they groom me.  It’s pretty much just like lots of extra petting – attention is attention, no matter how ya slice it.

Do you want to know what I’m looking for in a forever home?  A fenced in yard so I can enjoy my zoomies.  I don’t have a place to do that just now, I only have the little dog potty area and I can’t get up any speed in there!  I would do well with older kids, the little ones I tend to knock over because I really have no clue how big I am.  I would probably like another dog to play with too – or at least some good doggo friends for play dates.

I am house trained and crate trained and most of all Affection Trained, as are all good BGLs.  Do you have some time to help me learn commands and take me on walks and love all over me?  I promise I have lots of love to share with you.

Kindly fill out an application and ask for me, Kane!

I am being fostered in Colorado.