Meet Harley

Status: Foster Needed

Sex: Spayed Female    Age: 4 yrs    Ears: Cropped

Color: Merle   Weight: 125 lbs  

Special Needs: Giant Breed Experience Required


Hi Dane Lovers.  My name is Harley and I am looking for a Giant Breed experienced home with strong adult leadership and no young children.  I’ve been in my home for 3+ years and when my family had their first baby, I was not able to figure out how to best get along with everyone.  So if you have some time and some love to work with me, I can learn better boundaries and get to live my best life!  Right now, I’m staying in my crate a lot.

Here are some particulars about me:

* Developed aggression after the child was born. Getting progressively worse.  She also guards the child.

* Mild leash reactivity to people and other dogs on walks

* Food aggression, resource guards

* Is living with another Dane and they get along, but must be fed separately.

* Chases birds and cats in the yard

* Has not lived with cats

* Bit child in home on arm and head when child got too close. Bruised the child, did not break the skin.

* Bit elderly neighbor when they were on a walk with the child in stroller. Neighbor was leaning over the stroller and went to push Harley away from sniffing him and she bit him.

RMGDRI will have her evaluated by a professional trainer who specializes in these behaviors and has partnered with a group of professional trainers and we will attempt to match a trainer for Harley when she comes in to Foster.

Please contact Foster Director Karen at and Adoption Director Candice at if you can help me come into the Rescue as your next Foster!