Meet Gypsy Rose

Status:  Available

Sex: F Age: 8 yrs   Ears: Natural

Color: Fawn    Weight: 100#

Well, Hello there!  My name is Gypsy Rose and I am a rare antique just waiting for someone who appreciates a mature and dignified Lady Dane.   Well, at least that’s My story. 

I am crate trained and house trained and I’m really good with free roam of the house.  Be forewarned – if you leave something smelly or yummy on the counter, then I think you’ve left it for me.  Jes sayin.   I’m not wild about my humans leaving me alone – I pace and put my paws on the window sill looking for them to come back.

I know some basic commands and I’m so eager to please, when Foster Fam tells me to sit, I do it so quickly my front paws come off the ground, tee hee.  I love Zoomies and treeing squirrelies.  Chasing insects is a great past time, too.  Foster Fam says I have perfected the “cute look” in order to get my way – and I love to cuddle.

I listen really well and settle down with a calming word. I’m still learning how to fit into a pack.   When Foster Fam has to correct me, I go into the other room to think about it.  I love my morning and evening walks and I have this cute little prance/hop when the walking harness comes out and I know we are headed out.

Rather than lower myself to barking or begging, I ring a bell when I need to eat or powder my nose.  Loud things like fireworks, thunder, vacuums, big trucks and appliances are scary and sometimes they make me bark.  I need slow introductions to new people and delivery people and new people coming to the house make me nervous.  I think my ideal home would be a quiet and relaxed one, in a quiet neighborhood where I can go for walks without meeting a lot of people and other dogs.

If you are looking for a Golden Girl to share your home with, I’m looking for a great home to spend my golden years!  Come on, fill out an application!

I’m being fostered in Colorado.