Meet Ella

Status: Under Evaluation

Sex: F     Age: ~3 yrs  Ears: Natural

Color: Blue  



We sadly are seeing this more and more.  A family moved out of town, leaving behind their Great Dane…. Please read about Ella and consider opening your home to this sweet girl:

“My name is Ella and I am trying to find my way to a forever home.  Once day my human family up and moved but didn’t take me with them.  I don’t understand why they would leave me.  I am the best’est girl.  I lived with children and several dogs.  When my family left, they left me behind in the neighborhood.

This nice neighbor saw that I appeared to be  ‘half starved’ and abandoned. She took me in and started feeding me and reached out to Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue for help.  I am forever grateful to this kind human.  Read what she told RMGDRI about me:

Please describe the “perfect” home for Ella:

I think Ella would be happiest in a home with a full-time person, and other dog(s). A place where she can be a warm, snuggly, silly girl. She doesn’t know how big she is and she loves to give hugs. So a home where her people are really into being dog-parents/family.

Tell us something you truly love about Ella:

When we ride in the truck she will stretch her head across from the back seat, and rest her head over my shoulder and just ride peacefully. She’s so snuggly. And she’s been through a lot.

See, I told you I was the best’est girl!  I also know some key commands like ‘sit’, ‘come’ ‘lie down’ and I absolutely know a nice soft dog bed or couch when I see one.  I prefer to lay on soft things rather than the floor and I tend to get a chilly so I love to be wrapped up in a blanket.  I am ready to find my forever couch.  Can you help me?”

More about Ella:

  • Spayed female

  • Housebroken

  • Trusted to free roam

  • Good with cats

  • Good with respectful children (all ages)

  • Good with dogs

  • Good with ferrets (yes, that’s right – ferrets!)

  • Needs improved leash walking skills; pulls some

If you would like to foster or foster-to-adopt Ella,  first step is to complete your application on our webpage.  Already an approved home?  Reach out to Karen at or Candice at and let them know Ella belongs in your pack!