Meet Duke

Status:  Pending Adoption

Sex:Age: 2½  yrs   Ears: Natural

Color: Blue Merle    Weight:  200 lbs  Updated: 5-27-2021


Well, Howdy, Pilgrim.  My name’s Duke, I’m new to the Rescue and I’m the stuff dogs are made of.  I’m short on ears and long on mouth.  The Rescue asked me to tell you about myself, so a dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do.

I am crate trained and also good with free roam.  And if you leave something yummy or smelly in the trash or on the counter, then it’s fair game, right?  I chase cats and livestock and love to bark at farm animals, so maybe I would be best in a house without a cat.  And if you have livestock, maybe they should not be in the house with me either.

I’m a super big snuggle bug.  You know, the bigger the dog, the deeper the imprint, especially on your bed.  I don’t need a big open range, just to be with you and walk with you.  And snuggle with you.

Now, slap some bacon on a biscuit and let’s go.  We’re burnin’ daylight! Get that application filled out!

I’m being fostered in Colorado.