Daytona has a home with his forever soul mate in CO! Rhonda has adopted from us before, and is a long time volunteer and Foster Mama. We reached out to Rhonda to help us with a special needs dog who was in a shelter and needed to get out right away. Without hesitation, Rhonda went and picked up a very frightened, and stressed Daytona. With her amazing Dane experience, and gentle spirit, Daytona was stuck to her like glue immediately! With Daytona having vision issues , his vet appointments were many at first, and Rhonda has helped to maintain healthy eye care for Daytona for the last year. He will be the only pet, as he isn’t great sharing his home with other dogs, and Rhonda gives him all the love and attention he needs. They are bound by love and gratitude for each other. We are so happy for Daytona, and Rhonda! Thank you for giving him a safe, and loving home!