Meet Cowboy

Status:  Available

Sex: M    Age: 8 months    Ears: Natural

Color: Brindle  Weight: 65 lbs

Special Needs:  Giant breed or mixed large breed experience required




Cowboy moseyed his way out of the shelter and landed in a wonderful Foster home! Now this “cowboy cutie” is looking for his forever home.

Like other shelter pups, we have limited information on his background.  We are unsure what Cowboy is mixed with but it is clear he is “100% purebred cute”.  We know he has some Great Dane because the shelter said, “We love how goofy he is”.  Yep – that sounds like a baby Dane to us!

Cowboy is settling into his foster home and the feedback from his Foster Family has been terrific.

Cowboy has proven to be quite the happy clown.  He is always playing with other dogs, especially another young Great Dane in the home and he loves people.  Cowboy is super affectionate but can be a little shy with visitors. He is food motivated for training but shows no food aggression.  He shares toys with other dogs and enjoys puppy chase and tug on toys.  He also loves to lay in the same bed and cuddle with his canine companions.

Like all puppies, he is a bit mischievous.  So far, he has not been destructive, and he crate trained quickly.  He can be a bit stubborn (yep, that’s the Dane part of him!) But he does great with consistency.  He is a fast learner.

The ideal home for Cowboy would be an experienced giant breed / large mixed breed home given Cowboy’s age and training needs.  He would thrive with an active family and would enjoy another young dog to play with in a fenced yard.  The family will need to be consistent in continuing his training.

This cowboy cutie is off to a great, Great Dane start! He will probably not going to be more than 80-90lbs when fully grown.

More about Cowboy:

  • Neutered Male

  • Housebroken

  • Crate trained

  • Puppy – higher energy

  • Loves playing with other young dogs

  • Reasonably respectful of older dogs in the home

  • Children unknown (Older children OK)

  • Cats unknown

  • Affectionate, outgoing, a playful clown

  • Knows “sit” “come” – just starting his training but learning quickly!

  • Working on leash training.

  • Home with fenced yard is best

  • Must be a giant breed / large mixed breed experienced home due to Cowboy’s age

Cowboy is being fostered in Utah.  RMGDRI transports to 13 states (See Website for details)

If you would like to adopt Cowboy, submit your adoption application today! If you are an approved family, reach Karen at or Candice at and let them know this cowboy cutie has a place in your home.