Meet Cowboy

Status:  Under Evaluation

Sex: M    Age: 7 months    Ears: Natural

Color: Brindle  Weight: 52 lbs

Special Needs:  Giant Breed Experience Required




Cowboy is a Great Dane mix. 

Like other shelter pups, we have limited information.  We are unsure what Cowboy is mixed with but it is clear he is “100% pure bred cuteness”.  We know he has some Great Dane because the shelter said, “we love how goofy he is”.  Yep – that sounds like a baby Dane to us!

Cowboy was brought to a shelter as a stray.  The shelter has described Cowboy as “very active, talkative, playful, friendly with visitors, lap dog”.  He likes to play gently and has played with other dogs at the shelter.   We anticipate Cowboy will need Great Dane 101 lessons on all fronts, meaning – house training; crate training; leash training, etc. proper introductions to animals and young people. 

Cowboy sounds super curious and ready to learn all about becoming a big, goofy Dane – so if this isn’t your first “Dane Rodeo” – help us get Cowboy a home! 

More about Cowboy:

  • Neutered Male

  • Housebroken unknown

  • Not trusted to free roam

  • Crate trained unknown

  • Puppy – higher energy

  • No Cats (Cats Unknown; prey drive unknown)

  • Dogs Unknown (played with dogs at shelter)

  • Children unknown

  • Needs leash training; Needs all basic training

  • Must be a Great Dane or Giant Breed experienced home due to age and training required.

Cowboy is being fostered in Idaho.