Meet Coco

Status: Waiting Transport

Sex: F     Age: 5 yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Black mix  Weight:  110  lbs

Meet Coco the Labradane!

My name is Coco – a beautiful Great Dane mix (Great Dane and Lab) which means I possess an amazing combination of traits.  I charm everyone I meet.  I am incredibly loving and will gaze longingly into your eyes (Really!!).  I am a perfect balance of couch potato and active.  I am happily your best gal pal lounging and watching movies and willing to be your down and dirty adventure buddy out in the field!  I have been around children 3 years and up and can easily show off with all the great tricks I know!  There are too many to list so I will just have to show you. 

I need to find a home where I’m the only female dog because I am a bit of a diva – a true dominant female.  A more submissive male dog would be fine with me – as long as he knows, I’m boss lady! I am not a fan of cats at all! Let me just stick with my humans of all ages and gentle male dogs please and let me be the diva dog I am meant to be.

More about Coco:

  • Spayed female

  • Housebroken

  • Trusted to free roam

  • Not a barker

  • Good with submissive male dogs all ages

  • Good with respectful children all ages

  • Good with all people

  • NO Female dogs

  • NO Cats (High prey drive)

  • Can have leash reactivity – walks well with a Halti leash

If you would like to foster or foster-to-adopt Coco, submit your foster application today! Reach Karen at or Candice at with additional questions.