Brooklyn has a home with her foster family, Elizabeth & Steven, in Castle Rock, CO! Elizabeth & Steven have always wanted a Great Dane.Their daughter Kim, has a sweet Dane named Sampson, and when she joined RMGDRI as a volunteer, Elizabeth & Steven were not far behind.

They are also Volunteers now too!  When Brooklyn needed a Foster Home, they were there with open arms, and she has fit so well into their family life, they just couldn’t let her go! Brooklyn will share her home with Bently, a 10 year old Boxer, and will have a friend in Kim’s Dane, Sampson, as well. The family likes to go for daily long walks on their vast property, and plan their outings so that their dogs can come with them. Elizabeth is home most of the day, so Brooklyn will have all the love and attention she can stand! Look for Brooklyn at some of our future events in Colorado! We are so happy for this sweet girl, and her new family!