Blue has a home with her foster family in Missoula MT! Kati & Jay have fostered for RMGDRI numerous times in the past, always ready to open their home to a Dane in need. They always loved seeing their foster’s find forever homes, and start a new life,  but this time they have found the one they just could not say goodbye to! Blue entered their home as a foster from a puppy mill cruelty case, and has blossomed into a full fledged member of their family! Blue is just 8 months old, and will love growing up with Kati and Jay’s current pups, a 2 year old female Great Dane, named Fawx, and a 3 year old male Mastiff/Catahoula/Bernese mix, Lycan. The three dogs have bonded so well, and are inseparable! Katie and Jay live in the mountains, and are always out on the trails with their dogs, which Blue has really enjoyed. She will have a life full of love & adventure with her new family! We are so happy for her! Way to go sweet girl! Kati & Jay have affectionately changed her name to Nyx.