Bently has a home with his forever family in Parker, CO! Bently’s story is a special one! He came into the Rescue with epilepsy, and it was unknown what his seizure activity was like, and how severe it would be. It was a rocky road for a few months, but with the right medication and care, Bently is able to enjoy a full life, but will need to take medication to control his seizures for the rest of his life. Vania & Scott were drawn to  Bently the minute they saw him on the website!  Vania has had special needs dogs most of her life, and with also being a former vet tech, she knew Bently  would need a lot of extra care. They just knew Bently was meant for them, and even came out to one of our Meet ‘n Greet events specifically to meet him! Both Scott and Vania couldn’t picture their life without sweet Bently! They are looking forward to  taking him hiking and for long walks around their neighborhood! With Scott and Vania working overlapping schedules,  Benlty won’t ever have to be home alone for too long, and he will enjoy all the love and attention being the only dog in their home. Scott and Vania have been modifying their home to accommodate Bently’s needs with his epilepsy and want to do everything they can to continue the excellent care and dedication he was getting in his foster home! It has been quite a journey for Bently, and he deserves the happy life he will have with Vania & Scott! Way to go sweet boy!!