Belle has a home with her new family in Utah! Steve, Aimee, and their son Isaiah adopted Lucy from RMGDRI in 2016, and were looking to help out another Dane in need. Being 9 years old, Belle has been in her foster home for quite some time, as seniors sometimes are. Steve and Aimee were so excited to be able to offer her a loving and patient home for her golden years.  Belle will share her home with RMGDRI Alumni, Lucy, and a Rat Terrier named Isabella, and 3 bunnies! She will love having her people home with her, as Steve works from home. Belle needs a little work walking on leash, and once she has that down, she can plan to go on many family outings around the neighborhood. There will not be a shortage of love or attention for this senior lady! We are so happy for Belle and her new family!