Meet Apollo

Status: Under Evaluation

Sex: NM    Age:  2 ½ yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Black

Special Needs: No dogs,  No Cats, Older Children



Apollo’s Mission:  To find his forever family to love to the moon and back!

Helloooo hoomans.  Apollo here, and I am ready to find my forever family.  After spending 2 years in a very confined space —  RMGDRI helped me blast off and land in the great state of Colorado.  So this ‘Astronaut Dane’ is ready to explore the world!   

I have learned very quickly that being a Dane in a house, on a couch — is just about the greatest thing this universe has to offer.  My second most favorite thing is drinking from the water hose.  The water is just so tasty and fresh!  Because of my background, I am afraid of confined spaces but once I settle in and become comfortable with my surroundings, I happily relax, especially if there is a couch.

If I was to describe my perfect forever family,  it would be a Great Dane or Giant Breed experienced family that is home more than away and wants to dote and love on me.  If you like to binge watch sports or tv series, I’m your guy — Count me in!! I will lounge for hours.  I also want all your attention so best as only dog. 

I do have Great Dane zooming energy and happily play ball – I am super fast.  Watch me throw squeeky stuffed animals up in the air and bounce with them all over the yard – it is quite the sight.

I live for praise and affection.  And I give the best Great Dane hugs back. This Astronaut Dane adores all humans on this Earth.  My motto is, “If you goes, I goes too”.

Apollo is:

  • House trained

  • Excellent leash walker and comfortable in urban settings

  • Working on basic commands

  • Needs to be only dog in home.

  • Will resource guard toys, bones and humans if permitted with other dogs.

  • Has not had cat exposure but with proper introduction, anticipate doing well.

  • History with children unknown but calm older children ok.

  • Mild mannered and gentle out in public – very calm. Described as ‘regal’  and ‘handsome’ and ‘just the sweetest guy ever’

  • Not a barker

  • Does not jump up on people

So if you think you’ve got  ‘The Right Stuff’ and would like to be my forever family, fill out an adoption application and ask for the famed ‘Astronaut Dane’, Apollo.   

Apollo is being fostered in Colorado.