Meet Apollo

Status: Under Evaluation

Sex: M   Age: 11 yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Black    Weight: 101 lbs


We have had several “Apollo’s” come into our rescue but this is truly the first “Apollo 11.”   Meet 11 year old Apollo:

Apollo landed with Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue as a result of overcrowded shelters. Like most shelter dogs, we have limited information.  Check back after he settles into his foster home. 

What we know about Apollo: 

Apollo is 11-12 years old and was dropped off at the shelter because sadly, his human had to go into a nursing home.  Apollo arrived to us on April 20th and looked healthy upon arrival.  He jumped right into an SUV with ease and happily rode with his foster home, sleeping the whole way.  He shows very little anxiety and is “easy going and affectionate”.

More about Apollo 11:

  • Intact Male

  • Mild mannered, sweet, affectionate

  • Appears healthy

  • Calm personality

  • Gentle leash walker

  • Housebroken (unknown)

  • No cats (cats unknown)

  • Advised “good with children”

  • Advised “lived with another dog and did well with dogs at shelter”

  • A calm, quiet home would be best; dogs and old children OK.

If you’ve got the “right stuff” and would like to foster-to-adopt or adopt Apollo 11, first step is to complete an adoption application today!  If you are already an approved family, reach Karen at or Candice at and let them know Apollo 11 can land in your home.    

I am being fostered in Colorado