This is a picture of me with my human dad and doggy bro and sis!! (I’m the good looking one in the middle) I came here as a foster right around my human mum’s birthday. I think that had something to do with this being my forever home now. Yippee!
My new Sis and Bro are a bit older than me but still play and chase around, especially my new Sister. I think she loves me  – I love her anyway, and I love being here. There’s lots of space for me to chase around with my new siblings, and my human dad takes us on long walks in the fields! It’s so much fun!!  Sometimes, when Bro and Sis don’t want to go out – you know, coz they’re old, or it’s raining – just him and me will go. Then we walk for miles where there’s so much to see and do and explore and … you know, just overwhelming!!
Speaking of which I do get a bit to excited with all these new experiences so I’m going to special training so I can learn how to act properly around other humans and their doggy friends. It’s exhausting and hard to learn sometimes, but I heard my dad saying to my mum that he thinks I’m learning fast and have all my basic commands already!! I’ve already learned to come back when called, even if I’ve seen a rabbit I want to play with!! When we get back we all relax and snuggle together. I’m not allowed on the furniture but sometimes my dad comes and lays on the floor with us all, and he lets me lay on him . Thanks for putting me in such a great home where everyone loves me. I’m soooo glad they are foster failures !! Max