Gary has a home with his forever family in Utah! Gary has had a long journey with RMGDRI over the last year. He came to us with angular limb deformities, and went to a very experienced foster home. Andrea and Galen also fostered Tiny, who had a tough time with his angular limb deformities, along with some other health challenges. When Gary needed a foster home, they stepped up immediately, and with their experience and wonderful veterinary team, Gary has not needed surgery, and is on his way to living a normal (well if you know Gary, you know there is nothing normal about him) life!

Gary shares his home with a human brother, Christian, and 4 dog siblings. Roscoe, an RMGDRI alumni, Irma, a very sweet Doberman, and Nick, a Schnauzer-Dashund mix, who at age 16 , keeps everyone in line. Gary loves playing in the backyard, getting ALL of his toys out,  and just being where his people are.