Meet Yzma

Status: Available – Waiting List

Sex: F     Age: 2 yrs     Ears: Natural

Color: Harlequin

Hi, I’m Yzma. If I had to describe myself in 280 characters or less, I’d say that I’m an energetic, friendly, affectionate, loving Great Dane who totally pulls off my Harlequin exterior and warm-hearted interior. I’m also a professional nuzzler and dog park aficionado. #thecutest

Did I go over?

I’m good with all sorts of dogs and kids – as I’ve lived with both, including a newborn and four-year-old kiddo. I’m currently living with another Dane, a Chihuahua, and one of those whiskered mysteries called a cat. It’s all good. Not sure if it’s relevant, but I’ve also lived with a parakeet and of course that was just fine. Live and let live! That’s my motto.

I’m house and crate trained, and I’m also okay with free roam. Sometimes I like to have another dog around to show me the ropes. Also, whatever those loud suction devices and flashy dish washing machines are can totally freak me out! Whatever happened to cleaning up the old fashioned way? Sheesh.

So that’s my story, in brief, and there’s loads more to be written. Should you want to be part of my next chapter, let’s connect!

P.S. Have you heard about tug-of-war? If not, I’d love to teach you how to play!

I’m being fostered in Colorado.