Meet Vail

Status:  Medical Hold

Sex: F     Age: 4 mos.     Ears: Natural

Color: Black

Special Needs:  Giant Breed Experience Required

Hi there, I’m Vail! I’m a 4 month old black female Dane with natural ears. I’m a sweet girl looking for an awesome home to call my very own. I definitely prefer calm and quiet. I’ve done well with other dogs and would like to have a companion to play with, though I prefer them if they’re not super active and like to play with me. I’ve also done well with cats. I’m a little scared of kiddos, their noises and unpredictable-ness are a little too much for me. I’m still working on my basic commands and walking on a leash, though I do prefer a harness to a regular collar if you’re wondering. I’m also still working on potty training, but I’m doing really well! Just know that when I hear “go potty” I go right away, so be careful where I am when you say it.

I think that covers the big things – do you think you could be the sweet family I’ve been looking for?

I am hanging out in Colorado.