Meet Sven

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: M    Age: 2 yrs.     Ears: Natural

Color: Mantle


Hey there, I’m Sven! I’m a 2 year old mantle male Dane with natural ears. I’m a great guy looking for a great home to call my own! I’m good with other dogs and horses too. I’ve never been around cats, and I really like to chase chickens. I’m really good with kids and have lived with ages one through six. I still need some work on commands and free roam, but I am crate trained. Oh, and I’m also housebroken!

I just had surgery, so I’m laying low for a little bit, but I would love to meet you when I’m all better to see if we could be the perfect family!

I am being fostered in Colorado.

1-2-2018 – Sven is a handsome, 2 year old Great Dane, who we suspected was experiencing an obstruction when he came into rescue. Sven had no prior history of tearing things apart, however decided recently that destroying (and ingesting) his bed was a good idea. Please think positive healing thoughts for this big guy as we work with veterinarians to determine a plan of treatment.

Sven update:

Upon examination, the veterinarian determined that our first step should be x-rays. As you can see from the x-ray below, Sven had an unusual bunching of the intestinal tract (circled in yellow) that appeared to contain something potentially foreign (grey arrow). Given the intake information and the recent destruction of his dog bed, it was decided that an exploratory surgery was necessary.

Sven handled surgery like a champ!! The obstruction was composed of mostly bedding and had actually made it through 90% of his GI-tract. The part that was causing so much discomfort for Sven, was that a piece of bedding had gotten caught up early-on in the intestines. So as the bulk of the bedding continued on through his system, the caught portion began to unravel it. This unraveled portion of bedding caused the unusual bunching you see in the below x-ray. The veterinarian expects to keep Sven for another 1-2 days for continued monitoring.

1-15-18 – Sven is recovering nicely in his foster home.

2-4-18  Sven is doing well! He’s completely healed from the bed-demolition ordeal and is working on regaining any weight that he may have lost because of it. He is ready to find his forever home.

To donate towards Sven’s veterinary care, HERE