Simon has a home with his forever family in Colorado! Connie has adopted from us before and gave Ceridwyn a loving home in 2014. Connie was happy to help Simon with the long process of rehab after his surgeries, and many medical hurdles thereafter.  Their bond really grew, and she decided she couldn’t live without him! Simon is doing much better, though still receiving treatment on a weekly basis. Connie is hoping he will continue to improve, and will to do what she can to keep him pain free, and happy. Simon will share his home with fellow RMGDRI Alum, Ceridwyn (now Kerry),  a sweet Lab named Deacon, a senior German Wirehaired Pointer,  Axel, and young Terrier Mix, Gonzo. He has a beautiful pond to swim in with his fur siblings, and lots of land to stretch his legs on and keep as active as possible. We are so grateful to Connie for all she has helped Simon with, and for providing him with a loving forever home!