Meet Roe

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: F     Age:  3 yrs.     Ears: Natural

Color: Harlequin

Hey there, I’m Roe! I’m a 3 year old harlequin female Dane with natural ears. I’m a sweet girl who has had a rough month to say the least. I was hit by a car recently and am now needing lots of care to get back to normal, active girl I am! I’m good with other dogs and was living with another Dane in my last home. I’m also good with kids and have lived with an infant. I know all of my basic commands and am housebroken. I’m also trustworthy with free roam and have never spent any time in a crate. I love going for walks, and do really well on a leash with an easy leader. Oh, and on that same note, I love adventures and have been known to escape the yard if left outside by myself and am bored.

I think that covers a lot of the big things. If you are looking for a super sweet girl to join your family and wouldn’t mind a little extra rehab and care, I would love the chance to meet you to see if we could be the perfect family!

Roe is hanging in there!

This sweet girl has got the veterinary staff absolutely smitten with her personality! While her injury will require surgical intervention, Roe’s veterinarian and RMGDRI have agreed to complete her surgery first-thing Monday morning.

Roe has two significant breaks along the top portion of the femur shaft. Since Roe is a giant-breed dog, a fracture repair is ideal however, it is uncertain if there is enough room to accommodate the hardware needed to stabilize the fracture and allow it to heal successfully. The other option being considered is an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy). This surgery involves the removal of the femoral head and neck. This procedure allows the surrounding muscle and developing scar tissue to work together to support the area and act as a false joint.

I am being fostered in Utah.

10-16-17 Roe did well through surgery and is in recovery. The vet is confident that he was able to realign and stabilize all fractures and now only time will tell if it was enough.

Depending upon how she does tonight and through the morning will determine whether or not she can be discharged. They may end up keeping her another day.

10-17-17  In preparation for her fracture repair surgery last evening, Roe’s veterinarian wanted to take one last x-ray. Taking this x-ray, while Roe is utilizing anesthesia, allows the veterinarian and technicians the ability to manipulate the injured leg and take clearer pictures of the fracture sites. Roe’s x-ray revealed that she not only had a femur shaft fracture, she also had femur ball and neck fractures.

While this didn’t change our course of action in treating Roe’s injury, it could change her prognosis. The next few weeks of Roe’s recovery will be critical in determining whether or not this fracture repair will be successful long-term.

One of our awesome volunteers stopped in to see this lovable girl. Roe is a champ! She LOVES attention from anyone willing to give her the time. Although, the swelling has started to go down, you can see by the pictures, the swelling & bruising that’s left looks pretty awful!

Roe’s veterinary team has been nothing short of extraordinary! They continue to provide Roe outstanding care. They will be keeping Roe overnight and continue to monitor her progress. They want make sure the swelling continues to go down and that her inflammation and pain is well-managed with oral medication. As long as everything continues to go well, she could be discharged tomorrow afternoon! 

10-18-17  Roe is home with her foster family and recovering.

10-24-17 This sweet girl is making recovery look easy! Today marks one full week post-op for Roe and the swelling is mostly gone and she is using her injured leg more and more. While she still has extensive bruising, overall she is healing very quickly.

Roe’s foster mom says, “She doesn’t appreciate being separate from the other dogs very much. It’s becoming more and more challenging to keep her activity restricted. So much so, that we’ve had to adjust her sedation meds to accommodate her feeling better. When she goes out to potty, all she wants to do is run and play.”

This beautiful girl had a 2-week follow up yesterday and WOW! Although, she’s only two weeks out from her fracture repair surgery, Roe has impressed her medical team with her recovery. All of the swelling is gone, nearly all of the bruising has disappeared and this sweet girl is ready to go, Go, GO! Her veterinarian is happy with her progress so far, and has cleared Roe to begin physical therapy. Roe is using her injured leg quite a bit already, but the physical therapy will help her rebuild muscle tone and regain any range of motion she may have lost due to her injury and repair.

11-09-17   Roe started physically therapy this week! And for the first time ever, Roe was nervous. Since she entered RMGDRI, Roe has made her injury and recovery look like a piece of cake. She is a tremendous ball of energy that wants to run! But found it really difficult to slow down and complete physical therapy.

Physically therapy is important for Roe’s recovery because it will help her strengthen that leg muscle, increase her flexibility, range of motion, and reduce pain. For this session, her therapist opted to start out slow and began with cold-laser therapy and deep tissue stimulation with the goal of working her up to the underwater tread mill.

11-19-17   Roe took an unexpected trip to the ER this evening. She was very reluctant to use her injured leg and it seemed to be bothering her a lot more than usual. She was lethargic and feverish, and we thought it best to have her checked out with a veterinarian.

Today marks 5 weeks (1-day shy) post-op from Roe’s fracture repair surgery. Since follow-up x-rays were already on the to-do list to complete as part of her recovery, and because the veterinarian suspected an infection, we decided to have those x-rays taken tonight. The good news. . . no apparent signs of infection were seen on her x-rays. Her fractures are healing well, the hardware continues to have great placement and is doing a spectacular job supporting her injured leg as it heals. Although, her x-rays showed no signs of infection, her behavior tells us otherwise. As a precaution, the veterinarian prescribed a few weeks of antibiotics and would like a follow up scheduled for next week.

1-2-2018  This crazy kid has mastered the water treadmill!! She enjoys the physical therapy appointments and soaks up all the attention they each bring her way.  Roe is doing so well with her recovery, she’s less than two weeks away from her final follow up appointment!! Once she receives the all clear from her veterinarian, the next step for Roe is to find a forever family. Keep thinking positive thoughts for this girl, she’s on a roll!

1-12-18   Roe is doing wonderful and finishing up her therapy.  She will be ready to go to her forever home soon.  Roe sends love and thanks to everyone who donated to help pay for her surgery and care over the past few months.

2-4-18  Roe’s adoption will be complete soon.  Thank you to everyone who helped her get the surgery she needed to go on and lead a wonderful life!