Meet Cezar

Status: Available – Waiting List

Sex: M    Age: 3 yrs.     Ears: Natural

Color: Blue

Special Needs: Wobbler’s

Hi, I’m Cezar! I’m a 3 year old blue male Dane with natural ears. I’m a big guy looking for a great home to give me lots of love and attention. I do pretty well with other dogs – I’ve been living with two other Danes and we get along really well and I used to live with a smaller dog that I didn’t necessarily see eye to eye with, but overall I do okay. I don’t particularly love cats – they’re just a little too unpredictable for me. I’m also kind of uncomfortable with kids for the same reason (the whole unpredictability thing). I know all of my basic commands and am housebroken. I’m also crate trained. I have been known to be destructive with free roam, so the crate is better when you need to do your human things. Also, I walk really well on a leash with a chest harness, but I really don’t like those Gentle leader things, so maybe we can skip that?

I’m a great guy looking for a great home that can give me all sorts of attention – do you think that home could be yours?

I am being fostered in Colorado.

RMGDRI Foster Cezar has had a rough go of it with some medical emergencies in the last week and a half.

On April 7th, Cezar went in for some radiographs. Sadly while at the vet Cezar bloated. The vet immediately performed the necessary procedure to receive the gas in his stomach. Thankfully he was in the right place at the right time as he did not fully torse.

On April 9th Cezar was exhibiting some strange symptoms of lethargy, shaking and an elevated heart rate. He was rushed to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. This sweet boy is having a very slow recovery as he’s not eating a whole lot and has little energy.

Both of these visits were costly emergencies for RMGDRI….If there is a time to give, RMGDRI could use any monetary donation towards Cezar medical care.

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