Meet Beau

Status:  Available

Sex: M     Age:  2½ yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: White

Special Needs: Deaf and Vision Impaired, No small children


Hey there, I’m Beau! I’m a 2½ year old white Dane/Catahoula mix with natural ears. I’m a sweet guy (who maybe has a little trouble seeing) just looking for an awesome home to call my own. I’m good with other dogs, older kids, and cats and have lived with them all. I can be a little bit of a Velcro dog, but seriously, I’m so cute does it really matter? I know all of my basic commands by touch and am housebroken. I’m also crate trained and really good on a leash with a gentle leader. I’m not great with free roam yet, so if you need to go out and do your human things, it’s probably best if I hang out in my crate. Oh, and I don’t super love dark-rimmed glasses, they kind of freak me out a little bit.

I think that about covers the big things, but why don’t we get together to see if we could be the perfect family?

I am being fostered in Idaho.