Meet Belle

Status: Available

Sex: F     Age: 9 yrs  Ears: Natural

Color: Black    Updated: 9/7/2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Belle of the Ball is in the Rescue!  I am looking for a home with just humans, not other dogs.  You see, at my age, I’m just not that interested in putting up with a lot of puppy shenanigans, no matter how old the other dogs may be. I like some dogs, tolerate others and some I just detest – I’m a bit persnickety on how I choose my friends.  Other than that, Foster Mom says I’m pretty much the perfect Dane.

 I take my time getting out of my crate in the morning and just don’t need to be rushed. Sometimes I just like to hang there for a long while and start my day slowly – the advantages of being a senior!   But once up and about, I am very interactive.

I like car rides, I am friendly to family and visitors and I love treats and playing with my squeaky toy.  Foster Mom says I have the cutest front foot hop when I bark sometimes, like I’m giving it a little extra to make sure you heard me.

I enjoy walks, but 10-15 minutes is about all I can take and then I need to come home and rest.  I recommend walking me on a Gentle Leader – I’m a pretty big and strong girl.  II can climb stairs – but if I don’t have to, I’d rather not take a full flight – I may whine at the bottom of the stairs and take my sweet time getting to the top.  A short 3 stairs in and out of the house is quite manageable.

I chase bunnies.  Foster Family does not have a cat, but I’m pretty sure cats and bunnies look alike, so maybe I should not live in a home with cats.  Or bunnies.  Or dogs.  Just humans, they are the best!  I know no basic commands.  There. I said it.  I’m the Perfect Dane and I don’t respond to anything like Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Nothin.

I enjoy wandering around the back yard at my own pace, checking things out.  But being on my bed in the same room with you is even better. I don’t get on furniture, just my beds around the house.  I am very sweet and loving and like to use my paw to get attention – but not roughly.  And sometimes I just shake my head to get your attention.  And if I really need to go out, like NOW, I will bark at your face – seems reasonable if you didn’t pick up on any of my other cues, yes?

Come on, you know you want me to live with you!  Fill out an application and ask for me!

I am being fostered in Colorado.