Meet Dakota

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: M    Age:  ~3.5 mos.    DOB: 11-24-2022

Color: Piebald   Ears: Natural

Special Needs: Giant Breed Experience Required



Now that you have seen my picture and you cannot resist my cute little face, how about you read a little about me.  My name is Dakota – named after the Dakota Hot Springs.  I was the underdog in my 7 puppy litter – I hid under the couch, under the chairs, under the bed.  My Foster Mom has convinced me people are good, so I’ve come out from under – and right now I still have one of my sisters to play with – she is being Fostered close by and we have play dates!

I don’t know how to walk on a leash yet, but I’m a quick learner and very smart.  I always use the puppy pads in the house and am learning to take care of business outdoors like the Big Dogs.  I get along with the other dogs that sometimes come to visit. 

I loke rolling around in the grass and laying in the sun.  I think that is a very grown up Great Dane trait.  My Foster Mom has chickens and I like to just sit and watch them – kinda like people watching a TV.

I like sitting in Foster Mom’s lap and getting lots of pets.  And I can already do stairs!

I really would like to go to a home with another dog to help me gain confidence and maybe teach me a good habit or two.  I would probably enjoy having some kids around as long as everyone knows Cute Little Me is going to soon be Cute Big Me and I will have to learn how to play with kids that don’t grow as fast as me.  And a fenced back yard would be a big bonus.

Are you ready to bring me home?  Do you have Giant Breed Experience (check the website for the list)?  Fill out an application and ask for me!

I am being Fostered in Colorado.