Meet Tyson

Status: Waiting Transport

Sex: M   Age: 7 yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Brindle    Weight: 150 lbs



GREAT DANE UNICORN ALERT!   That’s right, we have a Great Dane “unicorn”:  a Cat | Dog | Kid friendly Great Dane.  Meet Tyson!

My name is Tyson, and I am a mild- mannered lovable Dane.  I am being surrendered due to no fault of my own.  If I could describe my perfect forever home,  a family that is home more often than away.  I have been with children my whole life but now that I am getting up in age,  older  children would be best for me.  I paid my dues raising human toddlers, so now it’s time to retire 😊 and maybe let the grand kids just visit.  I will happily live with mild dogs (male and female) like me and cats.  I LOVE being petted and am a master at cuddling.  A home new to Great Dane / Giant Breeds would be great OR an experienced Great Dane / Giant Breed home welcome, too! 

No need to teach this guy new tricks ‘cause I know ALL my commands.  I love to play and adorably carry Beenie Babies (stuffed animals) around the house.  I don’t destroy them but I like being part of the pack so I bring my friends along with me wherever I go. 

More about Tyson:

  • Neutered Male

  • Housebroken

  • Trusted to free roam

  • Good with male and female dogs

  • Good with respectful children (all ages)

  • Good with cats

  • Good with all people

  • Big cuddler who wants to be around his family as much as possible

  • Mild energy

If you would like to foster or foster-to-adopt Tyson, submit your foster application today! Reach Karen at or Candice at with additional questions.