Meet Drago

Status: Available

Sex: M     Age: 3 yrs  Ears: Natural

Color: Black   


Hi, Everyone.  I’m Drago and I am looking for a family that is willing to work with me and teach me how to be an Amazing Great Dane.  I don’t have any formal training yet and my Fosters are working hard to teach me some basics.

I have tons and tons of puppy energy, even though I’m already 3 years old.  I like to play, oh, just ALL the time.  I love tug-of-war and shaking my toys and tearing them apart, but I will take them gently from your hand.  I love to run.

I am being fostered with two adult Danes, a male and female.  I don’t really know how to socialize with them and I get in their faces to get them to play with me.  That doesn’t go so well – I’m just trying to be friendly and play, but they are just not into me.  I just have not learned boundaries with other dogs and when to back off.  Yet.

My Foster Family is introducing me to the Gentle Leader to go on walks – wow, that’s a new concept to me.  I’ve never been on leash walks – this could be good!  Right now, I want to chase rabbits and squirrels when we are on walks – they are trying to teach me that’s not the way to take a walk, but man, those little stinkers are so fast and I need to prove to them I am faster.

I would probably do really well as an only dog, but if you have another big dog that is patient and you think would be a good role model, I’m all ears.  I’m generally okay with strange people, but if I feel threatened or scared, I may growl and bark.  Just lettin’ everyone know I’m not comfortable.  So slow introductions and people who will wait for me to approach them would be more my style.

Now, here is the best side of me:  I am friendly to family, affectionate and want to be with my people.  I’m trustworthy with free roam, but if you leave something on the counter, I take that to mean it is for me.  I really love to cuddle and sleep with my Foster Family in their bed – that’s just me sharing my really big dog bed with them.

Do you have the patience and the time to work with me?  Are you home more than you are away so you can give me consistent training, with lots of love and patience?  And play with me – that’s the important one.   I promise to reward you with tons of love and affection and eventual great skills!  Please fill out an application and ask for me, Drago!

I am being fostered in Colorado.