Meet Watson

Status: Foster Needed

Sex: M    Age:  3 yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Merle  Weight: 150 lbs

“Elementary, my dear Watson!” says Sherlock Holmes. “The only clear mystery that remains to be solved is finding Watson his Foster Home!”

Watson is a handsome Merle Great Dane who is being surrendered due to unfortunate changes with his family. Watson has been described as very active, playful, friendly with family, shy with visitors, can be fearful, but overall is a big goofy, lovable lap dog. Watson is also apparently quite talkative and expressive. And if you leave a roll of toilet paper out, game on! Let the paper shred game begin – how fun!

Watson needs a family that has Great Dane or Giant Breed experience. He has had training but lacks confidence and can be fearful, which in turn leads to reactive behavior in the home and outside on walks. A strong, confident Foster to provide consistent training and reinforcement will be key. Watson is happiest with his family, resting his head on their shoulders and doing a proper Great Dane sit on his humans. He is accustomed to being crated when unsupervised and walks with Gentle Leader.

  • Large dogs OK with slow, proper introductions

  • Crate trained

  • Walks with Gentle Leader

  • Basic commands known; More training and boundaries to be set by a strong leader

  • No children under 10 years old due to his size and awkwardness

  • No cats (Has not been cat-tested; Prey drive unknown)

  • No aggressive, alpha dogs of any size in the home

  • Can play rough at times

  • Can be reactionary to situations that scare him inside and outside the home

  • Can be fearful of strangers

If you are ready to solve this great mystery and would like to foster or foster-to-adopt Watson, reach out to Karen or Candice