Meet Tigs


Status: Available

Sex:  Male  Age: 6½ yrs    Weight: 140 lbs

Ears: Natural  Color: Black 



Hidey Ho!  I’m Tigs and I am looking for my new furever home. 

I am a fun, friendly, playful, Full Sized Great Dane.  That means I can reach your kitchen counter and will take things if you leave them there for me, or not necessarily for me.  I’m guessing my new family will want to work on that – so hopefully you have some patience and love and can be a strong leader to help me learn a better habit than counter surfing.

You know how Tigger is always bouncing around Piglet and is always with him?  Well that’s me – lots of energy and I will attach to my favorite person and not let them out of my site.  And I really do not like to be left alone – people call that separation anxiety, and I’m very good at showing how it’s done.  That’s code for I Do Not Like To Be Left Alone.

I have lived with younger and older children and I play well with them.  I chase them when they run from me, which sometime scares little kids, but I am really only playing.  My big, long tail is always wagging, so we should be very careful around very little kids.  And I love to wrestle with medium and larger dogs.  I’m a bit too rough for little dogs, and sometimes play rough with big dogs too.  And cats – I probably should not live with cats.

I am house trained and I bark at the door when I need to go out.  I am crate trained if I can have another dog with me.  Remember what I said about being alone?  I am really looking for a home with another medium or larger dog.  I used to live with another Great Dane.  I get bored pretty easily, so a dog buddy, lots of exercise, good training and a strong leader will help me behave.

I have a Happy Tail and sometimes I get sores on it that I like to lick, so I may need my tail to be wrapped until it heals.  I have a sensitive stomach and so need a special dog food.  And I don’t really like other dogs near me and my bowl while I am eating – and my raised feeder needs to be at least 12” high.

Favorite game:  Tug of war with people or another dog

Favorite toy:  anything with a rope or squeaker

I love to snuggle after my morning walk and I like to sit in my person’s lap when I see them putting on their shoes for our walk.  I need lots of exercise and a large fenced yard to get the zoomies out.  Do you have the energy to keep up with me and the time to work with me?   Come on, fill out an application and ask for me!

I am being fostered in Colorado.