Meet Tigs

Status: Available

Sex:  Male  Age: 6½ yrs    Weight: 140 lbs

Ears: Natural  Color: Black  Updated: 12-13-22

Special Needs:  No dogs and No cats, Giant Breed Experience Preferred



Pssssst!  Hey, Listen Up!  I’m Tigs and I am looking for a forever home.  My Fosters are moving overseas and cannot take me with them.

I used to have separation anxiety, but I’ve gotten so much better at it.  I had this really cool howl when I was left alone, but I gave it up.  Now I settle in my crate until Foster Family comes home and I sit and wait to be let out.

I am super sweet inside the house and would like to remain glued to you all day long.  I don’t ever get on the furniture by myself, but if you sit down, I will be right there sitting in your lap.  Some of my nicknames are Crank and Copter because my big long tail is always going in circles.  That kinda makes it hard for me to be around small children – they never see that tail coming.

I have developed a pretty strong prey drive – small dogs, cats, bunnies, birds.  And when another dog barks at me, I react pretty strongly.

Favorite game:  Sitting on Foster Mom while she tries to put her shoes on to take me out

Favorite toy:  anything with a rope or squeaker

Ideal home:  minimum 6’ fence, enough room  for zoomies, not a lot of foot and dog traffic outside my fence,  strong leader with good training skills.

How could you resist all these stellar qualities?  Could you fill out an application and ask for me?

I am being fostered in Colorado.