Meet Stryder


Status:  Foster Needed

Sex: M    Age:  6 yrs   Ears: Natural

Color: Black    Weight: 130 lbs




Stryder is “kid-tested and mother approved.”  

Stryder is being surrendered to RMGDRI through no fault of his own.   At 6 years old, Stryder pretty much takes everything in stride.  He loves people of all ages and especially has a soft spot for the youngest of kiddos.  And Stryder does well with non-aggressive dogs, big and small, with proper introductions.  The only thing not high on Stryder’s list of favorite things are those puffs of fur called cats.  Stryder has never harmed a cat but he is pretty sure it his job to chase them!

Stryder has great leash walking skills  and mild energy.  He enjoys a nice walk or hike with his humans, plays gently and is a playful lovable clown.  He is not afraid to speak his mind and is very boisterous.  And there is no need to teach an ‘old dog new tricks’ because Stryder knows them all:  “Shake” (his favorite); “give kisses”; “go lie down”; “wait”; “heal” – just to name a few. 

Stryder does have some challenges resisting tasty morsels left on the kitchen counters – but really, who doesn’t?  So be aware this big guy is a professional counter surfer.   With that said, has the potential of adding so much gentle giant joy to a new Great Dane or Giant Breed foster family.  An experienced Great Dane owner will also recognize that Stryder has all the classic traits of what makes having a Great Dane part of your family so special.

  • Excellent leash walking skills

  • Great with people of all ages

  • Gentle with young children

  • Good with large and small non-aggressive dogs

  • No cats

  • Can resource guard food

  • Professional counter surfer

If you are interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt Stryder, please contact Karen at or Candice at