Meet Stitch

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: F    Age: 4 yr

Ears: Natural   Color: Piebald  Updated: 11-13-22



BOMBPROOF Stitch, here.  Did that get your attention?  I am good with little, tiny dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, rambunctious dogs, scared dogs – haven’t met a dog I don’t get along with.  Cats, meh.  They are only good for chasing.  I probably won’t hurt them, but they get pretty stressed when they see me coming.  I’m great with kids too, I patiently stand for petting – all in a day’s work.

I’m a big and strong girl.  I walk pretty well on a leash and harness – I used to pull people down when I saw a deer or cow that needed to be chased, but I’ve learned to behave a bit better.  Besides, I have learned that squirrels can be pretty fun, too.  Do you have time to work with me on this?  It’s really the only thing I would like to improve so I can be the Perfect Lady.

I could be an only dog if you have lots of snuggles and attention for me.  I could also live with another dog, that would be cool.  I don’t have any issues sharing a water bowl with my Foster Brother – and he’s a bigun!  I kind of take my cues from him – if he thinks someone coming into the house is okay, I’m good with it too.

I have this thing about people wearing hats in and around my house – makes me really wonder what they are up to.  I’m fine with hats anywhere else like on my walks and at the dog park.  My favorite time of day is getting to sniff new things on our walks – I kinda like to take the same route every day so I can keep track of all the smells I have to catalog.

I wake up at 4am looking for snuggles and if my Foster Parents won’t let me in the bed, I go lay on my Foster Brother – he has learned to accept it.  And get this – I don’t bark much.  Maybe one bark if I’m in the back yard and want to come back inside.  

Still here looking for you.  Patiently waiting for you to fill out an application and ask for me.  Have you don’t that yet?  How about now?

I am being fostered in Colorado.